A Bitcoin ETP Is Now Actively Managed On The Swiss SIX Exchange

  • A Bitcoin ETP Is Now Actively Managed On The Swiss SIX Exchange

    Swiss SIX exchange is one of the biggest stock platforms in the world and is now listing a new cryptocurrency exchange-traded product (ETP). This new trading product will represent an actively managed crypto ETP, trading bitcoin against some of the biggest alternative cryptocurrencies such as Cardano. It claims to be the world's first actively managed crypto ETP and the product is now listed on the SIX exchange under the index BTCA.

    For those that don’t know, in traditional markets, ATP is a type of security that is priced derivatively and trades based on investment tools such as commodities and share price. With crypto ETPs, they are always 100% backed by the assets that they are tracking in question.

    The chairman of the crypto investment management company FiCAS, Mattia Rattaggi explained that the issue price of the BTCA was driven by the desire to accommodate and facilities market and the quiddity. Rattaggi also went on to highlight that traders and investors will have a new option of investing money into a crypto ETP. This would discharge her direct involvement and in comparing the BTCA to traditional discretionary portfolio management.

    Given that the crypto space is a very nascent industry, Rattaggi said the following:
    “Time will tell how this innovation will impact the industry. Arguably, an actively managed, discretionary ETP may be better suited for the still nascent cryptocurrency markets, because it focuses on active risk management more than in a systematically-driven passive ETP.”

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