John McAfee Leaves The GHOST Project But Management Doesn’t Believe That Will Have An Impact On Its Success

  • John McAfee Leaves The GHOST Project But Management Doesn’t Believe That Will Have An Impact On Its Success

    John McAfee, the well-known computer programmer and extreme advocate for the leading Cryptocurrency, has just this week said goodbye to his GHOST project. The news has revealed a new tweet published on the 19th of August this week:

    According to him, due to poor management, the project was doomed to fail and has thus left the project.
    “I tried to explain the fundamental principles of management, but they fell on deaf ears. My apologies to those that I led astray. Sorry.”

    Following the initial tweet, McAfee went on to say that “Josh is an idiot”. This is more than likely something to do with one of the people who are involved in the upper management of the project. If you’ve been paying close attention, the bitcoin advocate had a ghost tattoo done and he confirmed that he will be removing this tattoo given that he is now no longer with the project.

    Even though he is an advocate for the price of bitcoin, John has criticised its lack of privacy for a long time now. Earlier in 2020, he announced that he would be launching a proof of stake coin designed for anonymous transactions which interestingly enough, came with an exchange launched by the man himself that would offer even more privacy.

    However, even though McAfee has left the project, it doesn’t mean that the project is over. Upper management is seemingly taking over which one representative saying that as McAfee leaves the project, it will basically have no impact on the success of the overall blockchain of ghost.

    The representative further went on to say:
    “John McAfee is a tech pioneer, a really cool guy, and a loose cannon. As most of you know, today John randomly pulled his support for GHOST, whatever that means. GHOST is an open-source decentralized project. John can help market GHOST to his network or doesn’t have to, but that does not affect the GHOST blockchain whatsoever. John is in no way involved in any day to day operations, nor has he ever been involved with any of the tech or building of GHOST.“

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