Crypto Advocate & Singer Akon Joins The Brock Pierce Presidential Campaign Run

  • Crypto Advocate & Singer Akon Joins The Brock Pierce Presidential Campaign Run

    If you’ve been a part of the crypto space for a few years, you may recognise the name of Akon. The musician and businessman is going to be endorsing the crypto venture capitalist and independent candidate for the US Presidency, Brock Pierce. On top of this, he will also be joining his 2020 campaign team.

    The news came out earlier this week on the 24th of August announcing the news that the singer will be serving as the chief strategist for the campaign on the capitalist's campaign. Pierce has referenced the singer's accomplishments in Africa and his experience as an entrepreneur as some of the reasons as to why he included him in his presidential run.

    The singer said:
    "I've always known Brock Pierce to be a standup guy. He's a real people's person and he doesn't operate between party lines. We share the same dream of pushing America forward for everyone without showing favoritism to one particular base."

    As we have previously reported, Pierce is well aware that he will not get into office but is hoping to draw votes away from Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This would be the only way he could have a chance of winning although he is confident that it will never get to that stage.

    If neither Trump nor Biden wins 270 (or more) votes, then the United States House of Representatives would get the final vote on the top three presidential candidates. This could include Brock.

    With the singer and businessmen joining the campaign for Pierce’s presidency run, it could result in even more media exposure to the crypto space and maybe even bring it up as an election issue. We all know that Donald Trump is significantly against Cryptocurrency as he sent out a series of tweets last year expressing his dislike for the assets.

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