Reaching The Media: Hong Kong Newspaper Prints Full-Page Advertisement On BTC

  • Reaching The Media: Hong Kong Newspaper Prints Full-Page Advertisement On BTC

    The Apple Daily, a local newspaper in Hong Kong just recently had a full-page advertisement dedicated to the leading Cryptocurrency. Translated, the advertisement reads that, “Banks, today you’re not ditching me, I’m ditching you.” The advertisement further went on to discuss how bitcoin can’t be shut down or controlled by a higher entity such as governments or an institutional company.

    The newspaper based in China is an independent media offering that just recently saw its chief executive officer, Jimmy Lai be arrested earlier this month on the 10th of August. He allegedly violated the national security law, which was only recently passed in the country. Fortunately though, he wasn’t arrested for long and was quickly released. The advertisement also references the financial crisis of 2008, the thing that caused bitcoin to be created.

    Many people have the opinion that the advertisement for bitcoin is in somewhat relation to the rest of the CEO.

    Bitcoin is an international currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It definitely could have potential use cases in countries such as China but some people don’t want bitcoin to become a political tool used for such gain. On Twitter, one user has said that at the end of the day, bitcoin is belief-agnostic. They reference this in regards to how technology is neither good or bad. Everyone can use it and it doesn’t care what you think of it whether you like it or not.

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