Vite Labs and Alchemy achieve strategic cooperation

  • On December 10, 2019, Vite Labs and Alchemy achieved a strategic partnership to jointly explore the promotion of blockchain technology in the payment field. Alchemy is a famous cryptocurrency payment project that is legit in Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, Philippine, and other areas or countries.

    The content of the cooperation between the two parties includes the following aspects:

    • VITE token is added to the Alchemy payment system to support users to pay with VITE tokens at Alchemy merchants.

    • Alchemy integrates the Vite network to support Alchemy's payment and settlement system.

    • Explore more cooperation in the field of cryptocurrency payment.

    About Alchemy

    Alchemy is a world-famous cryptocurrency payment project, and it is also one of the payment companies that covers the largest number of countries in the world in the digital currency payment business. At present, it is legit in nearly a dozen countries or areas including Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippine. It is reported that more than 2,000 taxis from Mid West, a Singapore car rental company, Marina Bay Sands hotel’s top infinity pool club CÉ LA VI, a Singapore’s landmark, Pricerite mall in Hong Kong, Dubai Burj Khalifa, and parts of Japan Merchants accept multiple cryptocurrencies payment and settlement services provided by Alchemy (ACH), including BTC, ETH, VITE, etc. At meanwhile, Alchemy has reached a strategic cooperation with QFpay. The latter has more than 1.2 million merchant resources worldwide and is used in major cities around the world. Alchemy has won the optimism of Paypal global directors, payment experts such as Visa and Mastercard, Libra board members, and other blockchain expert CZ, founder of Binance.

    About Vite

    Vite is a feeless and fast public blockchain. It is the world's first DAG-based smart contract platform, well suited for commercial dApps with performance rivaling their centralized counterparts. Vite's capabilities are made possible by its unique asynchronous architecture, hierarchical consensus, and snapshot chain. Vite has a steady record of deploying practical applications on its platform, with products including a decentralized exchange, a public-financing dApp for the American City of Syracuse, multiple game dApps, and micropayment platforms.

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    Vite community users went to experience the service and paid VITE tokens to MidWest as taxi fare. They took a taxi to CÉ LA VI, the infinity pool club on the top floor of Marina Bay Sands, a landmark building in Singapore. The payment with VITE tokens was instant.

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