How to vote for SBP and earn voting rewards

  • Open Vite app > press on VITE >>Vote>>>choose the SBP and press vote (close run POW message, which should appear on upper blue window successfully voted)


    Which SBP gives daily rewards?
    Remember only those SBP gives rewards, it may change any time.
    List of SBP that gives rewards: N4Q, v666fun, vite.NO1, BeautyVite, N4Y,, vite.bi23, Elegance Vite

    These are some of the examples done by Oleg Vite CM Lead
    you can follow Oleg on twitter for daily updates, rewards for 1000 VITE.
    The more VITE you have in your wallet the higher rewards you get.
    The number of total votes effect. The higher number of total votes the smaller rewards you will get, total rewards shared to all voters.

    Now vote and earn!

  • ViNo_Community_Node is also paying out reward for voting for us according to vite voting weight

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