Another testnet review.

  • Hi community!
    I practically do not use any cryptocurrencies, except ETH, BTC and NEO. But I was very interested in Vite and I tried to discover this project a bit.

    You know, I spent a lot of time studying concepts like DAG, HDPOS and others 🙂 But the main thing that interests me as a user is the simplicity and ease of use of the network, its speed and scalability.

    Let's start with a mobile application. I noticed some similarities between mobile wallets - Vite, Quarkchain and Zion (HTC Exodus):
    I will try to be objective and say that I like the Vite wallet visually less than others, sorry guys) You may disagree, but this is just my opinion.

    Next, go through the points:

    • Creating or importing a wallet. It's all quite simple and clear, no problems have arisen.

    • Transaction speed. It's very fast! I have never seen such a speed, it is impressive. In just a few seconds, test tokens arrived at the address of the recipient and became available.

    • Scalable. It is rather difficult to estimate at this stage, but the DAG structure has excellent scalability.

    • The convenience of use. Quite convenient, a bit confusing with the Quota system.

    I want to note that it was quite easy for me to understand the functionality and installation of the wallet. I think that the average user will not experience any problems, and this is very important. I also want to make a small summary to describe my impressions about the project and the work of test net.

    What did I like?

    Clear interface
    Transaction speed
    Vite forum
    Vite Store
    A lot of work has been done and a lot of news is coming
    Excellent community support. In Russian telegram chat you can always get help
    Minimal design of Vite wallets
    A lot of different contests and opportunities to earn tokens
    Listings on popular exchanges

    What I didn't like?

    • QR-Code scanner does not work in a mobile app (xiaomi mi3s). I scan the QR code on the Vite forum but the application does not recognize anything

    • wallet works only through a VPN, this is not very convenient (I live in Russia)

    • I have not found any data about the maximum number of Vite TPS

    What would I like to improve or suggest?

    The button "Buy Vite" inside the wallet, so that users do not need to register on the exchange and buy tokens there
    You can launch a campaign for reviews on the Play Market and Apple store
    Add Russian language. It is very difficult to understand many things without a native language.
    Named addresses - like the ENS service in Myetherwallet
    Single address for all tokens (if possible)

    Thanks for your attention friends. Hope my review was helpful!

  • @icloud93 I think you made some great points about the wallet. Excellent review. Due to unfamiliarity, I’m not going to disagree with you about the App Wallet compared to those you compared it to. However, just as a general point, I think it should be said that as merely a TestNet vehicle, the Vite Mobile App wallet is still exceptional for what it is. In my personal experience, the App Wallet can do as much or more, and with massively less hassle, than many of the desktop wallets I use or have used. Most of which have no App Wallet option and don’t even appear to have one as easy to use and as functional as Vite’s anywhere on their radar. And, I agree with you especially where it comes to speed of the App Wallet. It’s nearly instantaneous. I continue to be impressed by Vite as a whole when it comes to speed. It’s just unbelievable.

    My take is the App Wallet does about everything I need from an App Wallet on the go. Like I said, great review, and I’d love to see the changes and upgrades you mentioned, and I am certain many will appear and others develop along the way to MainNet. I just want to be sure the Vite App Wallet gets the credit it deserves. It might not be the very best of all App Wallets, but it is still a fantastic wallet. And that is just the TestNet App Wallet.

    With Vite, you expect great things, high quality, and speed in design and functionality. An expectation they set themselves by creating great things, that are high quality, and lightening fast. And, by doing them way ahead of schedule. The App Wallet is no different, in my opinion. At least at this point.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @deuce1307 My experience of using the mobile App is extremely positive. I understand that this is just a testnet. And so I indicated the things that I would like to see in the future. I like everything that happens in this project)

  • @icloud93 I never thought you were saying anything negative, just to be clear. Not at all, as your post as a whole was very forward looking. Really, I was just reinforcing what you said. Pretty solid wallet as is. Looking forward it should only improve, with just the types of new features you suggested.

  • Great post! It is refreshing to see some constructive criticism, as only by recognizing and addressing shortcomings can we improve 👍

  • @icloud93 omg so detailed!! Thanks broo

  • Written very detailed. 👍 👍 👍

  • The suggestions you submitted are very good. We have communicated with our technical people about some of the functions. You will see a very fast update of Vite APP.

  • @Tony_Vite glad to hear this information! Let's create the best mobile wallet together)

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