As Bitcoin Hits $10,800, Many Analysts Are Bullish Where It Will Go Next

  • As Bitcoin Hits $10,800, Many Analysts Are Bullish Where It Will Go Next

    Despite having negative, or volatile, activity over the past few weeks, bitcoin just had an exciting 24 hours. Currently priced at $10,800 at the time of writing, the future of the leading cryptocurrency is looking bright as bitcoin holds up against the Bears. It seems that market sentiment is also quite positive by many analysts as some are predicting the flagship coin to Break out above $11,000.

    This spike in price happened just after bitcoin went to below $10,000 but it clearly didn’t stay there long as we are now going towards $11,000 territory. Many analysts are very excited and optimistic about the future of this price rally and as a result, many had given their opinion that the bear trend over the past seven days was just a temporary setback.

    Of course, as bitcoin is currently priced at $10,800, the next logical price mark is $11,000. It seems that the leading coin is in a good position to make this trip to. Some analysts further went on to look into the future, even more, predicting that $12,000 might be inside within just a few days if bitcoin can break the $11,500 key resistance level.

    Despite that, please do your own research before investing in a Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. The volatile nature of bitcoin can make it a risky investment so it’s always worth doing your research and trading safe!

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