United States Space Force To Start Utilising Blockchain

  • United States Space Force To Start Utilising Blockchain

    The United States space force was recently created in the country and it has just recently chosen blockchain company Xage security to develop data security systems in the project.

    Writing in a statement, the security company said that it was awarded a contract to provide end to end data protection for the space force in the United States and will be using blockchain technology in order to do so.

    The company has a robust platform that will help secure all systems and remove single point of entry so that hackers and other malicious individuals will be able to wipe or steal any information. On top of this, the space force will be able to verify who actually has access, and is accessing, the system.

    For those that don’t know, the United States space force, otherwise known as the USSF, was designed in December last year in order to defend space and acquire military space systems. The space systems are infrastructure and vehicles that will work together to perform outer space tasks are going to the University of Illinois. The CEO of the security company, Duncan Greatwood said that due to blockchain technology, it will be able to meet the complex needs that the space force has.

    “The USSF requires decentralized enforcement of security to establish space domain resilience and objective situational awareness––across every asset and data element. We built the Xage solution to serve the needs of complex critical infrastructure systems, and are excited to bring the Xage solution to the Space Force in the form of a blockchain-protected space system security.”

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