Testnet experience

  • Well, guys, I've noticed Vite signature and since that time I created wallet in Vite testnet and I was stunned! I heard previously about Vite, but never tried wallet.

    So, UI is really awesome, it is something I appreciate.
    "Test tokens" feature is something what makes easier to try all features of Vite and it is the first blockchain I 've meet offering test tokens. It was helpfull feature for me.
    What is more, you stimulate users with staking function. Another advantage of Vite wallet.

    There was something I didn't get. What is the minimum amount of tokens to vote and receive reward? This information should be specified as a push up message.

    I've walked through this forum and noticed proposal of adding build-in games. Yeah!!!
    Just imagine, users can play games with vite tokens! It would increase customer's loyality and demand on vite tokens!

    Looking forward for main net launch!

  • @Genrix You can vote with as little as 1 Vite.

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