Vite Labs Leadership AMA (Oct 13, 2020) - Post your questions here!


    1. On VX listing - we already have a Chinese exchange committing to list, and we are in the process of getting a non-China based exchange. It looks like some of the bigger exchanges are ready to soften their terms.
      I know this process is taking a while, and getting VX listed is a priority. But the team is seeking the biggest bang for our buck

    2. In terms of roadmap, I'm not sure I agree. In the latest CEO's letter, we clearly laid out that we hit most of our goals for Q3. And we delivered items not originally on the roadmap.

    3. Deliverables for ViteX are incorporated in the Vite roadmap. Examples include ViteX features and integration with open source trading strategy projects

    4. We have previously recruited new operators, such as chain hedge. Note that the work to keep an operator running is nontrivial. We are hoping that more operators will join with stronger awareness of ViteX over time

  • @T-Bomb

    VITE and VX holders can expect other benefits such as airdrops from strategic partners, such as Banano

    The act of listing VX on an exchange will be a powerful PR move. This is why it's important to get on a sufficiently big trading platform

    In terms of DeFi for ViteX - our original vision for Vite is to be the backbone of an Open Finance platform. Our recent zero-fee stablecoin swap is one important feature towards that end goal.
    Separately, some members have recently proposed ideas for AMMs on ViteX - and we're exploring this option

  • @interestedinvite

    ViteX is an integral part of Open Finance. Free stablecoin swap is a critical feature of ViteX.

    Separately, some members have recently proposed ideas for AMMs on ViteX - and we're exploring this option

  • @LanceLiu

    This is not currently on our radar. But we have been adding various kinds of stablecoins over time. So this could make it into our queue

  • LanceLiu said:

    what's the progress of vitex gateway 2.0? What's the plan of it?

    Please check our roadmap for this. The whitepaper will be done in Q4.

  • @hassan

    Listings of new coins, and planned listing of VX on other exchanges.

  • @RedTrain

    Great question. One diff b/w ViteX and Binance is that trading on ViteX gets you VX, from which you get distributions. This is a big difference with many exchanges out there.

    But let me talk this over with the team and see if there's anything we can do. I will follow up on this point, perhaps in the summary of the AMA, to be posted in the forum.

  • @karl637 The dividend pool was reduced in BTC terms partially due to the increase in BTC/USD. Remember, the trading fees are not always remitted as BTC.


    To list VX anywhere, the project needs to get the proper legal opinion for the right jurisdiction. That legal opinion can be quite expensive depending on the jurisdiction.

    SyraCoin pilot has been successfully completed. We have had a marathon of a conversation with the New York state on getting their applications on Vite chain. The process has obviously been extremely slow, to the frustration to my team and me.

    Fiat gateway - we found one entity that serves many exchanges and offers very reasonable commercial terms. Our engineering director is discussing implementation details with them

  • @Richard_Yan

    its a good pr but wont it affect the investors particularly the traders of VX in vitex exchange itself?
    this includes losing trading volume in vitex exchange itself.

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