Bloomberg Provides Bullish Prediction For Bitcoin In 2025

  • Bloomberg Provides Bullish Prediction For Bitcoin In 2025

    Does bitcoin have a habit of adding zeros to its price? According to the latest newsletter from Bloomberg, the leading cryptocurrency does exactly that and further goes on to highlight that the asset previously went from $1000-$10,000 in less than four years. Bloomberg doesn’t believe that it has reached its end though and even went on to add that a rise in such a similar fashion could happen again.

    The newsletter further went on to note:

    “If the crypto echoes its past gains, with some maturation, about double the time period it took to add a zero to $1,000 could get its price to $100,000 in 2025.”

    This is quite a hefty prediction for the leading cryptocurrency by Bloomberg. That being said, there have been many dream-worthy predictions for bitcoin over the past few months with the PlanB analyst recently taking to Twitter to state that bitcoin is still moving in accordance with the stock to flow and model. This forecasts a $100,000 price for bitcoin by the end of this year.

    Looking at historical trends, Bloomberg indicates that the fundamental supply and demand factors for bitcoins rise. They go on to highlight that around 90% of the overall supply has been mined with only 2 million also bitcoins yet to be mined.

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