My experience with Vite Testnet

  • I would like to state that I don't use something except ethereum and I don't like all existing blockchains due to small adoption. Those new solutions are far away from ordinary people. Vite is also at the very beginning , but what I see is a good way. You guys have forum ( looks like modrn compared bitcointalk) , wallet, store, growing community and incentives.

    I've been looking for a mobile wallet and I've download Vite mobile wallet for android. Here are my thoughts:

    • UI is friendly and it is easy to understand interface. I like colors of both web and mobile wallets.
    • sending transactions is as easy as a pie!
    • speed of transactions is high!
    • easy access , but what about security in web wallet? if I set simple password, it can be hacked. On the one hand it is simple for mass adoption, it is easy to get access, but I would set also more secure ways for access especially for those who store big funds in your wallet
    • what I mostly like about your forum is pop-up with QR code to send transaction. It is cool feature and can be integrated in messengers.

    Is there something like block explorer similar to etherscan ?

    Bearing in mind all these points now I became Vite adopter and I am going to share my experience with my friends about Vite!
    Finally I found mobile wallet perfectly suite for me. I would add sending ethereum feature, because ethereum is still popular and as long as Vite isn't mass adopted , people can use Vite as a mobile wallet to send eth transactions.

  • SBP

    @VITEadopter said in My experience with Vite Testnet:

    easy access , but what about security in web wallet? if I set simple password, it can be hacked.

    Only if they find out your password and access the account from your PC in person. The password only unlocks a keystore in your computer, locally. This password does not get transmitted over the internet so even if you give me your web wallet password, I still wouldn't be able to access it. The only way is if I find out about your mnemonic words ☺

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