Another one Vite testnet review

  • Hi community!

    Just found article on medium to encourage users leaving a reviews on this forum . I've been using Vite wallet for 3 days and everything is going smoothly.

    Test tokens is a helpful feature, so you can try to send your friend something and check out speed of transaction.

    In mobile wallet it is not clear what does VCP mean?
    I would like to see a message describing it once I pressed a button.

    Also what do you think about making contact list with setting vite address to each of your contact (if he has wallet) ?

    Generally speaking I am satisfied with wallet and probably I will buy later sufficient amount, 500k tokens to stake.

    I didn't understand how should I determine node for voting. Will I receive higher % of tokens if I select node on a 1st place? Is there a difference?

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

    Just gonna answer some of your questions:

    1. VCP are Vite Community Points. These are tokens that you can spend in the Vite store ( to buy Vite merchandise. Currently, the store works only in China but an international store is in the works.

    2. I like the idea about the contact list but not sure how it will be implemented. I believe there is Vite Name Service (VNS) in the works that will let you assign names to vite addresses.

    3. There is no traditional staking (passive income) in vite. 500k is enough to run an SBP node in the testnet. Once mainnet launches, that would go up to 1 million.

    4. For the voting, its kind of the other way round. Your no. of tokens determine your voting weight. So if an SBP has the highest no. of votes, the reward share will be that much more diluted. At present, I believe only the official SBPs (01-05) and SwissVite are rewarding the voters.

  • @fonzie check out Mixin wallet, you can add other address in your contact list there

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