My testnet experience

  • Hi All,

    Been away for the past couple of months due to work commitments.. so far my experience on the Vite testnet is mainly on the Android mobile wallet.

    Transactions and updating are super fast. Vite really lives up to its name here. It would be interesting to see if the performance holds up once there are more users on the network. The block explorer is also very fast in updating the info from the full nodes and SBP. Another great feature is the quota system. No gas fees required to perform transactions. It's quite confusing to grasp the concept but there are plenty of resources out there in the community.

    The overall experience of the mobile wallet is very fast and smooth. Everything seems so well planned and linked from the block explorer to the rewards info. Really like the link to the forum feature.. which brings my to the next point.

    Forum and Community
    The forum overall has been a great resource for all the newcomers out there. The UI is excellent and easy to navigate than most of the forums out there. I've been on mobile most of the time and it's just a breeze to navigate overall. The participation and replies from the Vite team and active members on the forum are greatly appreciated. This applies to the tg and discord channels too. It just like one big family in here. Kudos to the entire team and community.. it really feels like we are building something cool and great here.

    Not sure if this has been suggested before..I think it will be great to somehow link the items listed official webstore to the VCP section in the wallet.. so users can actually browse and purchase the items directly from the wallet.

    Other than that it would be great to see future implementations such as DEX and smart contracts to the ecosystem. Overall it's been a great testnet experience.. can't wait for mainnet 🙂

  • SBP

    The smart contract is active on test-net. You can have a try.

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