Testnet experience by Zigzag

  • At the beginning I got registered within 1 minute, you've got to save phrase consisting of 12 or 24 words, what is more secure. As far as I remember in mobile wallet there isn't function to copy mnemonic phrase. I don't like writing it on paper, so please, add copy button.

    Well, I had an experience to send test tokens and what impressioned me is sending messages with your transaction!


    Well, speed is better than in Ethereum, but there were not tests in loaded net, like under pressure of Crypto Kitties
    But I hope Vite team will cope with it!
    I am in fond of Vite design!
    I've also voted for one of the nodes
    What does quota mean? 500 000 tokens? Anyway I pressed run POW and apparently my coins will work for me. I voted finally. It was positive experience with Vite wallet.

    I am going to rate Vite wallet as 5 stars!

  • @Zigzag quota means the amount of transactions that can be processed for you within a given window of time. TPS is another name for it.

  • @Richard_Yan Is there a specific limit to the amount of quota a user can obtain by running PoW? When should a user stake VITE in order to obtain quota?

  • @Ze Running pow will give you a quota of 21000. In theory all operations requiring no more than 21000 quota can be completed by running pow. However, in order to facilitate new user to vote for a sbp, voting(requiring quota of 62000) can also be completed by pow. You can get the detailed quota information here: https://vite.wiki/tutorial/rule/quota.html#what-is-quota

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