Here is my Vite testnet experience

  • Hello everybody!
    I think majority of people here tested Vite wallet and I was among of them.
    Here are some points I noted about Vite wallet:

    1. UI on a top level
    2. Deposit with ethereum, for me it is advantage
    3. I didn't search for instructions, so each user can easily try wallet without barriers
    4. you promote another Vite products in web wallet, good integration
    5. POW to gain more tokens
    6. test tokens allowed me to try service

    What to improve:

    1. it is a good idea to allow users to buy Vite merch with Vite native tokens
    2. Android wallet isn't that developed as IOS
    3. what about adding refferal link?
    4. If you're going to use it for eth transactions as well, then there should be button to switch network
    5. i have wallet by quarkchain and there is button with dapps, games

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