BitTorrent Arrives In Huawei’s App Store Following Latest TRON Partnership

  • BitTorrent Arrives In Huawei’s App Store Following Latest TRON Partnership

    TRON, the crypto network whose architects seem to never sleep, is back with another partnership announcement. Its latest, a deal with telecoms titan Huawei, is sure to get tongues wagging, not just within the cryptosphere, but the broader tech industry. Four of BitTorrent’s apps have been added to Huawei’s native app store, making them accessible on up to 3 billion Android devices.

    BitTorrent is already the world’s largest file-sharing network, boasting 100 million users who access the service via desktop and mobile. The addition of the app to Huawei’s AppGallery extends the reach of the file-sharing network, placing it in the hands of potentially billions of users. Given the difficulty of having crypto-related apps admitted into Apple’s App Store, the deal will be welcomed by Asian smartphone users seeking a simple way to torrent files and interact with crypto.

    No other company manufactures more telecommunications equipment than Huawei, the Chinese tech company that was founded in 1987. Today it has over 194,000 employees and a presence in 170 countries. It is China’s largest tech firm and maintains a strong presence all across Asia.

    TRON Enters Another App Store
    TRON, which owns BitTorrent network, and whose founder Justin Sun is the company CEO, has already gained admittance to Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Earlier this year, a number of TRON-based dApps were listed there and connected with the built-in TRON crypto wallet. Huawei’s decision to partner with TRON can be seen as further evidence of how crypto is permeating every vertical it touches. While no knowledge of cryptocurrencies is required to use the BitTorrent app, its tokenized ecosystem – powered by the BTT token – creates an economy for rewarding file sharers, who provide network bandwidth.

    With payment platform PayPal recently adding support for cryptocurrency, which can now be used as a means of payment with online merchants, digital assets are enjoying a rip-roaring end to 2020. It’s a year that has tested the crypto market, and indeed the entire world, as a series of macro forces including economic and biological crises have buffeted society and impacted the markets. Now, with the worst ravages of the pandemic appearing to have passed, and multiple vaccines on the verge of being rolled out, the stage is set for a remarkable recovery.

    As TRON’s mission to expand into every major entertainment ecosystem accelerates, so does the case for TRX and BTT being supported by more leading platforms. Coinbase and PayPal are likely to be the next to bow to the inevitable and invite the TRON family into the fold. Those are rumors for another day, though. This week, all that matters is that TRON has entered the Huawei app store via BitTorrent, and it won’t be relinquishing its place in a hurry.

    “This is another huge milestone for TRON and BitTorrent to be listed by one of the largest Android manufacturers in the world,” enthused Justin Sun. “We are excited to see the blossoming universe of distributed networks grow via Huawei devices and technology.”

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