Beginners know about VITE

  • First, I want to discuss the VITE project because I am still a beginner in this forum. Sorry if my English is not good. I will share my experience

    I know that the VITE project started with my friend who followed the Bittrex airdrop VITE retweet event after I followed, I was increasingly interested in the VITE ecosystem. The first impression makes wallet vite quite simple for beginners like me to make VITE wallet. The web wallet feels smooth as this forum is very light.

    For my Android VITE application, I have a little problem, that is, it can't be installed on my cellphone using the Samsung J5 OS Lollipop, it doesn't meet the standard VITE application. I hope that at least install the OS Kitkat VITE application and I can not now enjoy the VITE Wallet application feature. Maybe in the OS above Lollipo can be installed.

    For the admin at Telegram, VITE service is very friendly and responsive in every question that the telegram member asks, I think it's pretty good. Sometimes many projects do not prioritize questions from members on the telegram.

    Best regards.
    VITE good project.

  • @wesley212 Yes, I also know vite from airdrop. But I explore deeper, better and more profitable than other projects ...
    You must know and try what Sepernode Vite, Surely you will be hooked and want to invest more in this project.
    welcome friend.

  • @wesley212 shout out who you are in Telegram 🤭Your English is not bad!! Welcome and hope you enjoy the 'trip'

  • @wesley212 you'll like vite project and this team,worth your investment

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