1. Exness

    Sàn Exness is currently the world's leading reputable forex investment broker. If you ask any expert or trader they will recommend you to participate in Forex trading at Exness.
    Exness has all the elements to become a top Forex platform today. I have a detailed review of Exness, you can refer to it. Left, I confirm that Exness is the best choice, you do not have to think twice when joining this forex trading platform.
    In addition, Exness also brings new investors, no time, no need to experience the Social Trading platform - making investment dreams from impossible to possible. Social trading makes it possible to invest based on the expert you choose, copy their orders and trade. These operations are 100% performed by the machine and you do not have to do anything. The only thing you can do and should do is manage your capital properly so you don't get too dependent on the experts you follow.
    The general and detailed reviews of the exchanges can be found in the link below, the above rating scale is completely based on my personal trading experience.

    2. Forex XM

    XM Forex is one of the most reputable Forex brokers today, with a large number of users and top trading volume in the world. In all aspects, XM is a "multifunctional" platform both in terms of customer service, Forex Bonus programs and additional fees while trading: spreads, commissions, ...
    In addition, the reputation of the XM trading platform is also evident through the list of certificates of global financial institutions, typically:
    FCA: Financial regulator in the UK
    CySEC: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
    ASIC: Australian Securities and Investments Commission
    IFSC: International Financial Services Commission
    Very few forex exchanges do this, most only need certification from 1.2 financial institutions to ensure the interests of customers. However, XM can do so much more, they have amazed the Forex market by the achievements they have achieved.
    If you are a beginner with small capital, need appropriate leverage and bonus then join XM, you will not be disappointed.

    3. FXTM

    Forex FXTM is younger than XM and Exness, but their development path is better than these two seniors because of the perfect launch pad. Launched in 2011, FXTM was formerly known as Alpari - a single exchange in the US and Europe before. By this year, FXTM has proven its position in the Forex market and on top of the top reputable forex trading charts.
    Although operating for less than 10 years, FXTM has held many outstanding achievements such as:
    Multiple operational certifications affirm excellent reputation, reliability and quality: CySEC, IFSC, FSCA, FCA.
    Varied account types for a wide range of investors, ranging from beginner to professional
    The spread and commissions are extremely stable, the reputation of the floor is very high
    Diversification of financial investment products
    High Liquidity, including Social Trading for idle investors

    4. Hotforex

    Hotforex owns many different operating certificates, which is one of the exchanges that has the most difficulty in setting the conditions for obtaining it. Usually, whichever exchange wins 4 certificates is considered the "monster floor" in the Forex village, but Hotforex has 6 certificates of activity - a surprising number with 1 exchange operating less than 10 years. .
    It can be seen how much Hotforex tried when going through many events in the past, to now return to a risky and harsh market, they have risen and done many difficult things for the environment. Any world can be touched.
    Hotforex exchanges were awarded: DFSA, FCA, CYSEC, FSC, FSCA and FSA. If you are a participating investor, you will receive money to compensate for losses when the exchange goes down. This means that if the exchange goes bankrupt or has financial problems, you will be returned assets up to several thousand, several tens of thousands of EURO.
    Therefore, this is a reputable floor, worth for long-term trading by investors.

    5. XTB

    In the list of prestigious Forex brokers, XTB is the oldest brokers with 18 years of experience, serving as the leading broker on the European market. XTB floor launched in 2002 with the name X-trade, then X-trade completely merged into XTB.
    Currently, XTB has headquarters in more than 10 different countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Poland,…. and currently enjoys outstanding customer service, arguably leading the way in financial investment. Although later, many young brokers like Exness or XM had a better development path, occupying the top position of XTB, but with the big guys in the investment world, X
    See more details HERE

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