Forex exchange

  • I am a trader and after a few years living with forex, I find that the forex community in Vietnam is still quite new so I want to share about to join reference.

  • Thank you for this information! I trade via r my friend showed me reviews about them and I decided to give them a try. Highly recommended!

  • We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I wonder what strategies you use. I am currently working with two brokerage companies. One of them is FBS. I have no big complaints about FBS, order execution is good, customer support is great. I have always been working with this broker, they are very satisfied with my choice, they are planning to continue trading with them, however they still have some work to do. They still have some way to go. As an experienced trader, what other advice could you give me? I am not an experienced trader and I'd rather use micro account than standard one. I would not use micro account because it has fixed spread. I am using floating spread here. The spread on the Standard account, as specified, starts from 0.5 points. In reality, the spread is almost always at least 1 pip and it widens dramatically at night and during news releases. But it fits.

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