Vite Labs Leadership AMA (Feb 26, 2021) - Post your questions here!

  • This year 2020 to end, 2021 is on the way. So, what is the most challenging issue face by Your project? And how much solution completed in this year?

  • In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?.

  • Do you plan to improve the way you conduct marketing? How true is it that the organisation has not really taken the lead in marketing actions? We have seen how in the official media the seriousness and commitment to the investors and holders of the project has been neglected, in not proposing clear dates, complete roadmaps with concise ideas and deadlines. What can we expect during the course of the project?

  • Fantom is another DAG project, which is really hot these days. How about cooperate with fantom to promote DAG technology?

  • @LanceLiu Is it feeless? What is that it is focusing on, which Vite is not?

  • @avndp it need gas fees, all fantom realized can realized on vite, and vite bridge is even better solution。

  • In 2019, vite team did good in product, wallet、dex、smart contract...,but in 2020, not did so good, vx not listed、lend not implemented. Maybe team need summarize 2020, what we did good, what we did not good, and why,what's the lessons we study from last year。

  • An idea to promote people go into vitex, add option as money holder mining, when people cash in BTC, ETH and USDT as token on vite, give away some vx to them. Maybe 2%。

  • 1% from team, 1% from market orders

    1. I'm thinking sb give up the #vite & #vx one by one. How do u guys plan to do. We do not hope vite is a dead project.

  • When will we see real marketing? No user flow is a dangerous condition.

  • Has work started on a browser extension? After the extension is ready, we will see ViSwap as well?

  • What the Development Committee is doing We would like to receive information on what products are currently being developed.

    1. Since Vite has no fee, it is likely that the ledger size can go big soon. How is the team going to solve the ledger pruning issue? Won't it be a serious issue?

    2. Currently, ViteX funds are being maintained by the operators. There were discussions in the Telegram channels that after Vite Bridge, the funds management will be decentralized. How soon will the fund management be decentralized?

    3. Are there any plans to improve UI/UX of Vite Exchange? Though the features are good, the exchange needs UI improvements.

    4. Wallet deposits doesn't mention that the tokens should be ERC20. For ex, for BUSD deposits it should mention that it should be ERC20, otherwise users can mislead since the deposit is 'Cross-Chain' and BUSD's native is BEP-20.

    5. In last AMA, it was mentioned that in future, ViteX may not depend only on VX in future. What were the plans?

    6. At present, can developers create dApps on top of Vite Chain? If yes, why is there no single dApp except ViteX?

    7. Recently there are rumors that by the end of March, ETH Bridge will be ready. What the community can expect from this?

    8. What next after ETH Bridge? Are there plans to implement BSC? If yes, that would be huge since the mania is going on (PancakeSwap, Venus, etc., can be listed!?)

    9. While logging into the x(dot)vite(dot)net using Android app, the site often disconnects due to inactivity (for even 1 minute away). Will there be any option to increase the time? Also, the login sometimes requires two to three times scanning (buggy).

    10. Binance has an option to convert low amount coins to BNB. It would be great if ViteX has a similar option to convert small amount coins to Vite/VX.

    11. I think the Team announcements on Reddit will be beneficial since most crypto users use Reddit.

    12. There could be more announcements to the Vite Community like before (especially for building projects like Tip Boats on Twitter, Reddit, etc.)

    13. At present, is it possible to build PancakeSwap kind of exchanges on top of Vite Chain?

    14. In Android app, after every transaction, a popup window appears to stake for quota. Though it educates the user, it need not appear every time. Similarly, if the auto sign feature is enabled on the app, it need not ask each and every time on the x(dot)vite(dot)net site to authorize on the app.

    15. While the present video AMAs are going very-well, it would also be good if there are Reddit and Twitter AMAs.

    16. Idea (from Telegram group): What if we charge some VX for those who wants to withdraw VX within 7 days and distribute the fee to the holders?

    17. Considering that Vite is also DAG-based, it would be awesome if Vite Labs lists NANO. There are so many enthusiasts for Vite from Nano. In fact, I'm into Vite from Nano!

    18. Why the exchange should mention that the users from China, etc., should not use ViteX? Considering that ViteX is decentralized, I think it is irrelevant and puts a question before a new user whether the exchange is truly decentralized.

    19. If ETH bridge is started, can Vite list most or the top ERC20 coins quickly? If yes, any estimated timeline?

    20. Since there are Vite pairs too on ViteX (apart from BTC, ETH and USDT pairs), why are there no Vite dividends?

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