Vite Labs Leadership AMA (Feb 26, 2021) - Post your questions here!

  • Hello! This is Morgan, Communications at Vite Labs. I'm looking forward to meeting you at our next AMA on February 26th, 5 pm UTC with Richard (Operations) and Allen (Engineering). For now, follow me on Twitter: @Morgan4Vite.

    You may ask questions during the livestream or in this thread.

    See you then!


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    1. Does the team have a couple of strategies to win during the chain war?
    2. When the vite bridge be done and published?
    3. When the Vx coin be listed on other exchange?
    4. How do you team think will miss the Ox market and how to avoid to happen?

  • VX什么时候上交易所?不可能一直无限制延期吧?

    When is VX on the stock exchange? It can't be extended indefinitely, can it?

  • what about trx usdt, ETH gas fee is too high

  • My advices: besides the vite bridge,

    1. populize vite in Korea, it's one of the most prosperous market in the world
    2. communicate with exchange still use ERC20, and let the token unified, price differ too much will let people thought this project fraud
    3. after vite bridge realized, implement another ERC20 vite token to participant uniswap and others
    4. vite deserved to be TOP 30, but without marketing, maybe it will fall to 1000, in 2021, market is more important than technology, vite need to list on all top exchanges

  • We all know that DeFi will not replace Traditional finance institutions, so how do you seek to create an ecosystem that will allow both to interoperate together?

  • I saw many people said that NFTs are the next ‘Trend’. I also saw some use-cases of NFTs in crypto space. How do VITE think about the evolution of NFTs in crypto space and the real world?

  • What is your opinion about sharding, layer 2 and cross-chain solutions? What are the advantages of VITE compared with these scalability solutions?

  • This year 2020 to end, 2021 is on the way. So, what is the most challenging issue face by Your project? And how much solution completed in this year?

  • In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?.

  • Do you plan to improve the way you conduct marketing? How true is it that the organisation has not really taken the lead in marketing actions? We have seen how in the official media the seriousness and commitment to the investors and holders of the project has been neglected, in not proposing clear dates, complete roadmaps with concise ideas and deadlines. What can we expect during the course of the project?

  • Fantom is another DAG project, which is really hot these days. How about cooperate with fantom to promote DAG technology?

  • @LanceLiu Is it feeless? What is that it is focusing on, which Vite is not?

  • @avndp it need gas fees, all fantom realized can realized on vite, and vite bridge is even better solution。

  • In 2019, vite team did good in product, wallet、dex、smart contract...,but in 2020, not did so good, vx not listed、lend not implemented. Maybe team need summarize 2020, what we did good, what we did not good, and why,what's the lessons we study from last year。

  • An idea to promote people go into vitex, add option as money holder mining, when people cash in BTC, ETH and USDT as token on vite, give away some vx to them. Maybe 2%。

  • 1% from team, 1% from market orders

    1. I'm thinking sb give up the #vite & #vx one by one. How do u guys plan to do. We do not hope vite is a dead project.

  • When will we see real marketing? No user flow is a dangerous condition.

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