Open letter to ViteLabs reg. listings at ViteX

  • Dear team,

    I understand that listing low marketcap / research-based new coins/tokens listing is at present the priority of ViteX operators.

    But, it is in the interest of ViteX that listing top coins would only be an added advantage. Personally, whenever I have to trade top coins like BAT, BTT, DOT, NANO, TRON, THETA, KSM, IOTA, LUNA, etc., I have to exchange my ViteX portfolio a bit, transfer back to Binance, again exchange there to USDT and trade. All this could be avoided if the top coins are added at the earliest. It could add the volume also.

    Considering that VX stakeholders receive dividends on a daily basis, it would be a generally-interested choice for most of the users to increase and diversify their portfolio into a multi-coin one. To do that, at present, the coins listed at ViteX are not sufficient imo.

    The newcomers could leave disappointed to not have the top coins. Definitely holding Vite and VX and trading with the existing coins is amazing, but not having the top coins at ViteX leaves no other option to the users but to trade them elsewhere. This must change, at least now, considering that ViteX will soon reach 2 years age.

    To add further, soon to be launched wrapped Vite tokens increased the exposure of ViteX to a lot many people assuming that there will be liquidity pools at AMM-based DEX such as PancakeSwap and others. Before such users discovers ViteX, kindly consider to list the top coins at the earliest.


  • Thanks for your suggestion. Your idea is valuable for us.
    You must know that we have listed some mainstream projects already and the volume is very low due to many reasons.
    That's the reason we are so careful on listing mainstreams.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear @avndp,

    Thank you for your continued support for Vite. We appreciate your thoughtful letter and in reflection of your great letter, we want to deliver a detailed response that hopefully answers all your questions.

    ViteX is a fully open decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows anyone eligible to run an operator. Then that operator can choose to list any coins. This of course includes coins with large market capitalization.

    We cannot speak for other ViteX operators, but in the experience of Vite Labs as an operator, we found that getting enough liquidity for large-caps already traded on other platforms is an uphill battle.

    Simultaneously, we must also be careful not to divert too many resources away from achieving our goal of "Bridging Every Blockchain in a Multi-Chain Future" - the exciting vision of Vite 2.0.
    We understand your hope for a “one-stop-shop.” That’s why we encourage community members to come forward and run their own operators. This way, the coins listed will no longer be restricted to what current operators deem worthy of listing. Members of our community can become operators through this set of instructions here:

    Again, we appreciate your letter and your continued support for Vite. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please send them my way anytime.

    Business Development and Communications Manager
    Vite Labs Limited

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