User Guides & Tutorials How to Stake VX for Dividends

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    VX holders receive dividends on staked VX.
    Users are able to stake VX through both Vite Wallet App ( or web exchange ( Staking guidelines and reward rules are as follows:

    A minimum of 10 VX must be staked to receive dividends;
    Participant is entitled to receive dividends starting the next distribution immediately after submission of staking request;
    When retrieving stakes, the requested amount will be released after a 7-day waiting period. No dividend will be received during the waiting period.
    Users can enable automatic staking. Mined VX will be automatically staked once enabled, purchased VX is not subject to this function.

    Staking Guide
    Make sure VX are held in the exchange account before proceeding to next steps.

    Staking from Vite Wallet App

    Staking from Web Exchange

    Login to your account

    On the trading page, go to Dividends and click stake
    Put in the amount you wish to stake and confirm stakingF2999DDB-1E9D-47A0-B9B0-71056E13E2F2.png

    View current dividend pool and earnings
    Retrieving will take 7 days
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    Dividends distributed daily.
    Check Dashboard at

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