Ussue with log in through google account

  • Hello, Vite Community,

    Pretty big mindstorm concept and with the rush our speed of coding, nice work don't I'd wondered what amount of thinking is digged here (my apologies - English is not my natural language). Thumbs up also for the session missmatch control!! Autonomous exchange app (ho-http-option), realtime preview of the markdown post writing and so on. Gorgeous!
    Veritas vitรฆ magistra !
    My personal triple moto is:

    • list itemShow me where I went wrong and you will become my best friend**.

    • list itemIt is most beneficial for the one who made the mistakes to know them.**

    • list itemThis gives me knowledge on how to improve
      list item
      So let me begin for example with this?
      direct link
      storage link, if something above doesnot works click here

    Pretty nice e-shop, but what kinda coin/token is this/that?

    direct link
    storage link, if something above doesnot works click here

    Keep going, I am Your big fan! You are likely of my 'blood type'. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Charlie, please, don't be mad at me. You are a great man, and the great are not get angry. There is no VCP coin/token at the ViteXchange - ther are VITE & VX only, but some explorers tell me that whole amount of VCP is 1 mln, but with 18 decimals. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that right or I am wrong? :-)*2

  • ...Several times I'd tried to deposit XMV at ViteX.vite native XMV coin address with desktop app and web (x.vite), but there is one and only message:

    Something went wrong with gateway node, please check your network settings

    Bye for now and have a nice time.

  • Hi there. Thanks for your feedback.
    VCP(Vite community point) is kind of reward to the community members. So it's not tradable at the moment.
    About XMV issue, you should contact VGATE, who listed XMV, for support.

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