Vite Labs Leadership AMA (Jul 22, 2021) - Leave your questions here!

  • What is the current ViteBridge roadmap and implementation ETAs for BSC/BTC/ETH?

  • What will happen to current Custodial Gateways and Operators once ViteBridge is implemented?

  • Will the Vite Team conduct a big influx of ERC-20/BEP-20 listings on Vitex after ViteBridge is implemented for BSC/ETH?
    Or would you still require other people to be the ones listing all these tokens via Gateways/Operators?

  • What additional plans are in place for increasing the awareness of VITE and Vitex?

  • Could Vitex communicate with a payment card operator like Virex to add Vite coin to the pool of supported cryptocurrencies

  • Vite mainnet is ready since end 2019, the network is fast and feeless.
    But we don't see adoption and cooperation from external projects to develop on Vite.

    • What is done in term of business development to expand Vite ecosystem and cooperation with large DeFi projects or other popular industries (NFT/gaming/...) on Vite?
    • Can a launchpad be created so we can see more serious projects coming to Vite ecosystem?

    The Vitex DEX lack liquidity, people won't come trade on a Vitex DEX if there is a large spread.
    We need people to bring assets on Vite ecosystem, a wallet and a Dex is not enough, and even Vitebridge, today there are a lot of bridges solutions.

    • What is the plan to attract people assets on Vite?

  • When vitebridge 2.0 has launched, do you have a marketing strategy / campaign planned to increase the exposure of vite?

    Currently, as a project, Vite is not known to the masses and Vite bridge 2.0.

    Or, are you hoping vite 2.0 will market itself as you integrate with other blockchains?

  • Are you planning further integrations with Binance? Such as Binance Pay & Loan Collateral.

  • Does Vite plan on adding support for NFTs or integrate an NFT marketplace?

  • What are Vite's priorities regarding DeFi?
    Will there be Vite's own native version of Aave?

  • When can we expect an updated roadmap/time-line for VITE 2.0?

  • Does Vitex use any liquidity pools & if not will they be added?

    1. What is Vite Labs' criteria for forming partnerships with other protocols?
    2. When will we see Vite on exchanges headquartered in the USA?

  • Are there any plans to rework UI for VITEX exchange ?

    1. does a full node store just a ledger of all accounts or does it store a ledger of all accounts and the snapshot chain?

    2. during local consensus, is a tx block verified by just 1 full node or a small group of full nodes?

    3. after local consensus, are the local results broadcasted to the SBPs?

    4. how does an sbp go about selecting which blocks to add to the snapshot?

    5. after creating the snapshot, does the sbp broadcast it to all full nodes and each full node then verifies the snapshot?

    6. what does a full node check before accepting a snapshot block? Is this step called global consensus?

  • What is the difference between Thorchain's Bridge and ViteBridge?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oct 2020 team told about listing vx.
    Any possibility of listing vx soon?

  • vx team manipulating vx price? APY vx varied from 70% to 20% , decrease in exchange volume, decrease in dividends , also APY decreased to increase Vx value.

  • The value(price) of the Vite that the development team thinks after a year? Value?

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