Where Can I Load My Cash App Card?

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    Cash App card is a black customized debit card, which works like any other debit card. You can use this cash card for various purposes, such as paying at retail stores and sending money. Above all, you can cash out money from an ATM and load money into a Cash App card. If you have this query, where can I load the Cash App card? Then you are in the perfect place. Here in place, you can understand the easy process for loading money into your Cash App card. For this, you need to go to visit any of these stores such as Dollar General Store, Walmart, Walgreen, and many other stores.  
    Can I load my Cash App card at Walmart?

    Yes, you can load the Cash App card at Walmart. For this, you have to visit the nearest Walmart store from your house. Here approach the cashier and share your Cash App card details and then request to load money in it by giving him the cash. You may have to pay a fee of $2-3 for loading money into a Cash App card.

    Link bank account and load money into your Cash App card:

    If you don’t want to visit a store to load money into your Cash App card, you have one alternative. You can set up a bank account with Cash App then add money to your cash card. Following are the instructions you need to follow to load your Cash App card:

    Open the Cash App on your device
    Then, click on the tab “Balance” present on the home screen
    After that, tap on the “Add Cash.”
    Click on the tab “$Add.”
    Provide your fingerprint ID for the sake of verification
    After verification, here is you get a pop-up confirmation message on the screen.

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