Vite AMA- Discussion on DPOS as a viable alternative to POS and POW

  • Hi Vite Team,
    I have listened to several criticisms from a security and decentralization vulnerability point of view for using DPOS as the underlying consensus mechanism relative to POS and POW. In several instances, Vitalik Butterin has come out publicly and written detailed articles on why a DPOS based chain like EOS can turn into a bribe-based corruption model leading to centralization and also result in security breaches if the corrupt actors (SBPs) at the top were compromised. The detailed article by Vitalik Butterin highlighting problems with DPoS used in EOS is available here:

    I would like to know as to why in your opinion Vite would not face the same centralization limitations and security vulnerabilities as EOS may face because of DPOS (as is highlighted in Vitalik's detailed article).

    I think that this is one of the most crucial and relevant aspects for Vite tokenholders and I would appreciate if the team can share their detailed thoughts on this.

  • @Allen : Thanks for directing me to the detailed post. Very clear! I will let you know if I have any follow-ups.

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