White-Lable Zed Run Clone Software

  • White Lable Zed Run Clone Software, you may build your own NFT marketplace like zed run. It provides advanced features, that your horse racing NFT gaming platform like zed run. Our white label zed run clone software is market-ready, Saving your time and money, and customized on-demand to meet your specific need.
    Developcoins is the best NFT Game Development Company, Which provides a unique white label zed run clone software that helps to create your digital horse racing betting game similar to zed run with advanced primary features.

    Primary features of Zed Run Clone Script:

    Minting a Horse
    Paid for a mint
    Logic of Racing
    Slot machines with racing themes
    Metadata | Metaverse connectivity | Rarible | Resale in OpenSea
    NFTs' performance (The Horses)
    NFT color variation

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