How to create an NFT game like Zed Run

  • Do you want to create your own NFT marketplace like Zed Run? Then you have reached the right place!

    Zed Run Clone Script is a pre-built software solution that is powered by blockchain. This is a White Label solution that enables you to develop blockchain games like zed run. The platform that allows breed, buy, and sell digital racing platform.

    As a leading NFT Game Development Company, Developcoins helps to create your NFT Game like Zed Run Clone with advanced features.

    Primary features of Our Zed Run Clone Script:

    Minting a Horse
    Paid for a mint
    Logic of Racing
    Slot machines with racing themes
    Metadata | Metaverse connectivity | Rarible | Resale in OpenSea
    NFTs' performance (The Horses)
    NFT color variation

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