Who offers a fully customized Binance clone script?

  • Thecryptoape is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers a feature-rich Binance clone script with premium features for entrepreneurs to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance immediately. our Binance clone script is 100% customizable you can add or remove features as per your business needs.

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  • Binance clone script is an on-demanding cryptocurrency exchange script packed with all features of Binance exchange. Binance clone script is a cost-effective instant solution for people who want to develop a crypto exchange platform like Binance.

    WeAlwin Technologies has a blockchain experts team that delivers the first-class Binance clone script enriched with personalized features. our Binance clone script is customizable you can modify it in a hassle-free manner.

    The outstanding features of our Binance clone script

    Multiple Log-in
    Secure Transactions
    High Scalability Trading Engine
    Wallet integration
    Instant Transactions
    Secure Escrow for management of funds
    Instant Dispute Resolution
    Liquidity Integration
    KYC and AML Verification
    Multiple Payment Methods
    Transaction History

    The security features integrated into our Binance clone script

    2 Factor authentication
    Multi-signature wallet
    Cloudflare integration
    Anti-DDoS protection
    CSRF security
    KYC and AML authentication
    Microservice architecture
    Time-restricted transactions (p2p)

    We have developed and deployed more than 50+ successful Binance clone scripts around the globe. our Binance clone script helped many entrepreneurs to start their own cryptocurrency exchange platform within a few days.

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