Fix Computer Name Is Invalid Error Windows 10.

  • Giving your computer a nickname sounds good, but giving it an official name is a lot more fun. Your computer must have appeared with an unusual name on your home or office network (such as LAPTOP-AE12A1). The name of your computer or device does not match your user account. Have you tried to change your computer's name recently and received an error message stating that the name is invalid? Don't worry, we've been there before and found solutions to Fix Computer Name Is Invalid Error Windows 10.

    How to Fix ‘Computer Name Is Invalid Error’ Issue on Windows 10 PC
    This tried-and-true strategy has always worked for me. After saving all of my work, I restarted my computer. Then I tried renaming my computer again, and this time it worked. We recommend that you try this first, as it should resolve most issues and allow you to rename your machine.

    If you've been putting off installing Windows updates, now is the time to do so, followed by a restart. You can do so by going to Settings > Update & Security.

    NOTE: The new name will not take effect until you restart your computer, even if the machine name change was successful.

    The name of your computer can only be 15 characters long. You can't use any special characters other than hyphens, alphabets (a to z), and digits (0 to 9). Instead of using simple names or numbers, you could use an alphanumeric name. You can't also leave the name field blank. Microsoft does not allow it because a computer name is required to identify it.

    One of the benefits of using a Microsoft account is that your preferences are synced across all of your devices. It can also stop your device from getting a new name.

    Step 1: Press Windows key+I to open Settings, then go to Accounts > Sync your settings.

    Step 2: Disable the Sync features. Wait a few moments before turning it back on. You can also try renaming your computer when the sync is turned off.

    Step 1: Press Windows Key+S and type Command Prompt to open Windows Search. You can open it with administrative privileges by selecting the Run as administrator option.

    Step 2: Execute the following command and wait for it to complete. In this command, replace the text 'New-PC-Name' with the name you want to set.

    in wmic computersystem name="New-PC-Name" call rename where name="percent computer name percent "

    Users of PowerShell should instead use this command.

    Rename-Computer -NewName "New-PC-Name" Rename-Computer -NewName "New-PC-Name" Rename-Computer -NewName "New-PC-Name" Rename-Computer -NewName "New-PC-Name"

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