VitaminCoin AMA with Vite Labs - with VITC Airdrops! (December 19, 2021, 17:00 UTC) - Post your questions here!

  • Recently on Twitter, you ran a contest among the artists in your community on the topic "Logo for the NFT Marketplace". Or it seems to me, or you never chose a logo among the submitted works at the competition, but simply awarded all the participants? Or I'm wrong? Can you provide us with a logo for the NFT Marketplace?

  • Ahead of Christmas, you announced the "Happy 13 Days of Christmas with Vitc" program. By voting for VitaminCoinSBP, will your community receive 5X VitC every day until Christmas? But communicating with people, I concluded that VitC is not credited 5 times more! Please explain in more detail the calculation of remuneration using examples, because at the moment people do not understand, expecting other amounts.

  • The success of a project depends on a large and strong community. How many users do you have on different social networks now and how many VitC holders? Have you developed a referral program or an Ambassador program to attract even more users, maybe promotions and airdrops for other communities?

  • @Elena it's increasing by 5 not multiplying by 5, so first day - 25+5=30x, 2nd day - 35x, 3rd - 40x and so on.

  • NFT marketplace is almost completed for launch, how do you plan to incentivize NFT-artists to use it (quality content is essential for marketplace)? What advantages it have other NFT markets? Why authors will prefer it over some already established platforms?

  • NFT marketplace is a complex project on it's own, how do you plan to both support it and advance in other projects VitC have planned before? Do you have plans to increase "dev forces" of the team?

  • You mentioned that users will be able to sell their NFTs in any currency supported by Vite network. Why not accept VitC only? This would drive token price up because of the buyers demand.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Will PoW mining be added to VitC and Vite in the Future...?
    If your answer is no then why not???

  • the wallet that will be created will be another attractive means for those who love VITC. Is there a plan for this wallet to support the other Vite blockchain tokens or other Blockchains in the future (Bitcoin, BSC, ETH, ...) ?.

    Thank you

  • Will be any staking programms in the future that we can stake our vitc to earn other rewards?

  • @VITEBIZDEVCOMMS Good afternoon. AMA was great! 👍 Many thanks! Can you please tell me if there will be prizes for the participants, whose questions were selected for the AMA?

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