Chakra Artpunks-bringing the heroes into the world of NFTs

  • Chakra Art Punks - An NFT that amazes you with the everlasting authenticity of a character created by our Marvel Superstar. Beyond life brings life to our fantasy a dream come true with the scintillating Art Punks of the Chakra The Invincible characters from the comics.
    It provides all still collections of Stan Lee’s SuperHero characters from the Hollywood meets Bollywood edition. It also contains a unique element that makes Chakra The Invincible more irrevocable.


    It is based on prized comics from Chakra making it more engaging. There are a vast number of characters in the CHAKRAVERSE, whose character stills are made into Art punks as a unique NFTs where the current world is driven. People are excited to be part of the bid as it would be the first-ever SuperHero character that is Bollywood driven.


    The Bid is all about the characters from the comics in their unique signature looks and accessories providing an extra element that makes these Chakra The Invincible NFTs absolute one. This would be Marvel's army who would try to use this opportunity to bring the characters home.

    The Bid is a dream come opportunity that would bring the comical character as an NFT. The Hype would be high seeing their characters and getting ownership to their most beloved character created by Stan as an NFT. People are already storming into the world of NFTs and bringing Stan’s characters as an NFT would raise the market to a whole new level. To visit:

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