[SBP Proposal] SwissVite.org — 30-01-2019 —  SwissVite contributions summary

  • SBP

    swissvite ban.png

    Dear Vite community,

    SwissVite has lots of plans and ideas to help Vite grow, but for now, we would like to share our efforts thus far.

    • Community building:

    To celebrate our two months of activity, we tipped our top 10 voters 10 VITES. Thank you all for your confidence, SwissVite is here to stay!

    • Social media channels:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/EKYYJv
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwissVite
    Blog: https://swissvite.org/blog/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IA-JtFOmOPRiPcBgAm_mSQ
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_1z4FVCE4yPDqBXo_18Bg/

    These channels are used to promote our SwissVite SBP (share our articles, our rewards distribution, answer questions, etc.) and Vite network. We hope that in a near future they will become the main hub for the European Vite community and events.

    • Marketing activities:

    We extended our convertbot to our Twitter account!!! (https://twitter.com/SwissVite) You can now track VITE erc20 conversion from the cashtag $VITE. Our goal is to promote VITE on twitter, and to propose content linked with VITE keywords.

    • Offline activities:

    We are spreading the word to educate our crypto communities about vite and tech using our articles, contents and knowledges. We are proud to gather each day new members to VITE and to our community.

    We are close to a deal with an upcoming staking platform for a collaboration trough our SwissVite SBP. We are actively looking for partnerships with staking platforms to insure our voters a safe position in the SBP list with a large vote number. Do not hesitate to enter in contact with us if you are interested in a collaboration.

    • Reward distribution:

    Today for the first time, we operated payouts trough a new and FULLY automatized distribution tool. A safe and convenient tool build by our staff member Pitozzi.

    Since November the 28th (2018) SwissVite SBP distributed more than 80k Vite to our voters.
    Everyday, we publish on Twitter a spreadsheet showing rewards earned by each backer, and rewards are paid daily.

    • Ecosystem building:

    SwissVite is the first community SBP to distribute rewards to the Vite users. We are actually the best alternative with the official SBPs, with a daily ROI around 0.045%! We believe this is the least we can do for the community members trusting us with their votes! #ViteCommunity

  • convert bot is a cool thing 🤖

  • @nik12 hehe! Feel free to shill it everywhere 🙂 !

  • Thanks to your contribution. Sorry to tell that the proposal of this week is not approved. Therefore no rewards for this week.

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