Vite Labs Leadership AMA (February 3, 2022) - Post your questions here!

  • We will have our next AMA on February 3rd, 17:00 UTC with Vite Labs COO Richard Yan.

    You may ask questions during the live stream or in this thread.

    See you then!

  • The word Metaverse is trending now as Facebook changed its name to Meta. Can you share with us your views about the Metaverse and you introduced it in your platform?

  • What's your strategy to increase Vite's trading volume? Thank you.

    1. what you think about projects performance that started on vite from hackthon? Is their performance satisfactory & as per team desires. we seen staking pools in vite ecosystem, that was most advertised work by vite team since October. But Viva pools not performing well because of none of vite ecosystem project doing good. They listed Nya pool, but project already failed.
      Vitoge also not working satisfactory.
      Mesh failed to collect hard cap in presale.

    2. there was big fail of vite ecosystem during vicat presale. Very few people stake vite for quota, because no returns on vite staked for quota. How team will handle this??

    3. generally we see copy paste projects on eth, polygon, ftm etc.
      Is solidity++ is mistake? Because of solidity++ eth projects not able to paste on fee less vite ecosystem.

    4. vite ecosystem contain vitc, vinu, vitoge,aavo tokens already on vitex. In near future we will see Viva, mesh, Viswap, viterium etc. What other projects & their tokens we will see on vitex??

    5. what vite doing in meta verse, nft & gaming projects?? Gaming on fee less network will be huge.

  • Does VITE keep making derivative coins?
    Are you going to make derivative coins only in the future?
    Tired of continuously deriving only memes.

    Since May last year, four coins have been derived. I don't think this is normal.
    It feels like a dump coin.
    The continued decline in coin value means that your policy has failed.
    Isn't the year wasted too much?

  • With Vitex trading volume stagnant and the vx dividends pool decreasing steadily, are there any intentions to try and increase trading volume on Vitex, and if so, what are they please?

  • If we compare good projects, vite is only coin which is 85% dumped from its ATH (0.3$ to 0.48$)

  • I think vite is really going great and development has picked up pace. Community devs have also started contributing more and creating awesome and useful projects. Congratulations to the whole vite team for it. So my question is vite needs to get listed on major exchanges like Coinbase and need to get some partnerships to get more recognition among big projects like harmony, cardano, algo , luna. Vite already has awesome tech we just need more recoginition so how is vite team going to handle that? TLDR: How is Vite team going to get major exchange listing and more partnerships

  • What is the team planning to do next to get many more vite/vite chain adopters?

  • Q1: Scalability problem from ledger bloat lead to lost of performance.
    Currently we are producing 80GB of ledger every year. Solution including pruning/archive/sharding/etc. What will ViteLabs do about this issue?

    Q2: Allegation of ViteLabs using automated trading bot to keep the dividend pool of VX stable. Is this true? If true, what are the reasons behind this?

    Q3: The slow but steady decline of Vite Exchange volumes can be see using statistics page of Coingecko. What will ViteLabs do to elevate this problem?

    Q4: Node congestion issue from density of transactions. Community devs and operators are already trying to fix these issues on their side. Will there be some sort of policy or devs effort from ViteLabs to fix this problem?

    Q5: Solidity++ v0.8 Upgrade will allows compatibility with EVM, if I understand it correctly. Which allows Vite network to easily deploy existing Dapps. How long will it take for an average community dev to deploy it on Vite? I know there are many factors involve, but let's say is 3-6 months enough to fully deploy an existing Dapps on Vite network?

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