How to Reset PayPal password:- 1-844-221-9833?

  • If you are wondering ‘how to change PayPal password’, then you can check the above guidelines. You need to log in to your account and easily change your password. But, if you forgot PayPal password, can you change it in the same way. You can reset your password as per the following procedure:

    • Open the PayPal login page.
    • Tap on 'Have trouble signing in?'
    • Enter the e-mail address linked with your account and proceed.
    • Choose the account recovery options like emails, security questions, Facebook, and Google accounts.
    • Select any one of the options and follow the instructions.
    • If you select e-mail, then open the link received on mail.
    • Set your new password, enter the same twice.
    • Your password will change, and you can access your account.
    • Similarly, you can use other options to reset password on PayPal.

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