How to launching an Security Token Offering STO

  • Crowdfunding has always been the prime source of taking a business to the next level. It was the good olden days, though. Most of the recent crowdfunding ends in scams. It demolished the trust among the investors. Yet if you are an entrepreneur and still trust in fundraising, you can go with crypto crowdfunding.

    Crypto crowdfunding is similar to traditional crowdfunding but a lot more secure. Security Token Offering is one of the crypto fundraising strategies that allow investors to buy digital assets as well as provide rights for dividends, shares, and equities. These tokens are usually traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. STOs need to be compliant with several government regulations. Security Tokens are classified under securities. So, they are bound by the security regulations of the country in which they're operating in STO.

    Steps to Launch STO :

    • Drafting Whitepaper
    • Introduction – Business model
    • Concept of STO and what it has to offer
    • Technical Aspects
    • Product details
    • Legal Disclaimer
    • Team members and advisory

    2. Gather experts and make a team

    Hire a team of professionals from different backgrounds – accounting, Legal advisory, marketing, business development, etc.

    3. Website Creation

    In order to introduce and sell security tokens to investors, a website is needed, which should be designed in a manner to handle loads of requests without breaching data. Hiring a reliable STO development company can ease your STO development process.

    4. Pre-STO

    • Create security tokens
    • STO Marketing
    • Crowdsale contract

    5. Post-STO

    • Product building
    • Technical Support

    Following these steps will help you launch an STO in a hassle-free way. As a part of launching your STO, you have to create security tokens. You will be requiring a team of Blockchain developers and a team of Blockchain experts to discuss your fundraising requirements. So, to reduce the loads you can hire developers from a trustworthy STO development company. Out of the many companies in the market, a trusted STO development company is Zab technologies. They are one of the prominent Blockchain development companies that offer end-to-end STO development services.

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