DApp Platform with difference?

  • It seems Ethereum is having its Bitcoin moment now. Just as a lot of altcoins started positioning themselves as a faster version if Bitcoin with cheaper transations, now that Ethereum is facing scalability issues in terns of ability to accommodatr multiple dApps smoothly (for example: CryptoKittie), other new platforms are coming up wmhuch promise to address the quintessential scalability issue.

    But in reality, as far as I know, none of the existing alternatices - EOS, NEO, ADA etc. are yet to provein reality, none of the existing alternatives to Ethereum. There was a lot of expectation with EOS's mainnet launch after it successfully raised over $4 billion, but post-launch has been not yet satisfied customers.

    Althought the actual platform launch might be far away in the future at this point of time but let's give our your opinion. What do you think will make Vite a high performance dApp platform, compared to other platform? What Vite is going to do (high throughput, low latency, scalability and security) is definitely a big use case, for sure.

  • @felicity why do you think EOS launch was a fiasco?

  • @felicity for dapps, eos is the best now. vite has a long way to go.

  • @felicity please elaborate on why EOS launch is a disaster? I am not convinced by what you said. Be responsible for words you post on this forum.

  • I edit my post with the word "fiasco". Not a disaster but with my knowledge, EOS raised over $4B USD for block.one. For comparison, the Ethereum presale in 2015 raised over $18 million. EOS has raised over 200 times that amount! EOS is top dApp now for sure. But EOS still must demonstrate that it can put this vast sum of money it has raised to effective use to mature its product into a functional platform and to market it effectively. The above opinion is my point of view only 🙂

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