How to benefit in crowdfunding through STO?

  • What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

    Entrepreneurs who wish to raise funds in the crypto space can utilise various crowdfunding methods like ICO, STO, IEO. Out of which, one of the reliable ways is security token offering (STO). A security token offering is a fundraising concept where entrepreneurs can raise funds from accredited investors all over the world. Security tokens are constrained to the federal laws and guidelines of the respective governments, it gives more credibility and security to the investors as well as the token issuer. Security tokens can be related and are backed by real-world asset values.

    Benefits of Security Tokens

    • Security tokens are taking back the reliability that was lost due to the violations that tarnished the ICOs and crypto tokens.
    • Security tokens are assisting more like augmentations of the traditional financial manners. They bring in more security and transparency without the involvement of third parties and the costs.
    • The exclusion of third parties and middlemen has emerged in the process of issuing security tokens relatively fast.
    • Security tokens have made the business of investments more democratic and global. An investor in any part of the world can invest in a scheme in any part of the world. This directly translates into a greater number of investors and enhanced liquidity.
    • Security tokens are not limited by trading a window. They can be approached at any time during the day.
    • As a perk, you can get to create other types of tokens

    Types of STO Tokens

    Equity tokens
    Constitute the value of shares issued by the company on a blockchain. The key variation between an equity token and the traditional stock lies in how the ownership is recorded. The equity token is recorded on a permanent blockchain.

    Debt tokens
    Debt instruments are the same as corporate bonds and real estate mortgages. The place of these tokens is managed by risk and dividend.

    Assets tokens
    Broken express ownership of an asset like commodities, real estate, or even art. Blockchain technology promotes transparent record-keeping up of the transactions which assist in reducing fraud.

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