Harvest Town is a mobile simulation game that allows for open-world exploration

  • Build a luxurious farmhouse in Harvest Town, a mobile simulation game that allows for open-world exploration. Avid.ly offers up a title that combines simulation with RPG elements; allowing you the freedom to explore a rich country atmosphere. Each feature of this game further allows you to immerse yourself in its story-rich gameplay.

    You have a dilapidated farm with only a handful of plants given to you by an old man who mourns the anonymity of his old town. Wait, why did I get a dejá vu? For an early access title, the game is surprisingly filled with content. You can romance villagers, clean up your farm, fulfill endless orders, decorate your ever-expanding mansion, and even do a bit of monster killin’. Decorating your house is an experience that holds more possibilities than the simple “do the same thing but bigger” method employed in games like Animal Crossing.

    What stood out to me the most while playing Harvest Town was the pixel environment of the game. The town has amazing architecture and the designs of the buildings are unique and vivid. I had a blast exploring the town and getting to meet all the characters within the game. The mechanics are also pretty simple and easy to understand.

    There are almost too many features in Harvest Town. Not only do you have the farming, but eventually you can also fish, mine, race horses, and fight monsters. The game can be a little overwhelming at first because of all the things you can do, but following the quests help with this. It also helps that the features are added one at a time. Even customizing your character comes in stages as you go through quests.

    Harvest Town isn’t a bad game. It has a ton of charm and even more potential, despite the shoddy localization. The game may appear to be a complete rip-off of Stardew Valley and, to be fair, it is. That doesn’t make it worse. It only encourages it to work harder to differentiate itself and make a splash. Harvest Town is only in beta, but I don’t think my little pocket of the world is the intended demographic. Hopefully, this changes in the future because it’s always a thrill to see what the underdogs will release next!

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