How do I cancel my Emirates flight ticket

  • Wishing to cancel your Emirates flight ticket booking in no less time? There are times unknowingly where we all are in a situation to cancel our much awaited trip but whatever would be the reason, the activity seems to be overwhelming when it comes to cancelling the flight ticket. Answering all your questions including how do I cancel my Emirates Flight Ticket without any hassle or facing only loss. We are here to describe steps on how to cancel an Emirates Flight Ticket.

    STEP 1

    Go to the Emirates Airlines Website. Do the necessary login by clicking on Manage your booking landing page. You can even go through some of the questions and answers given on Emirates website page before proceeding with the cancellation.

    STEP 2

    Enter your PNR/ Booking Reference Number, last name( optional) if asked. Click on Continue to proceed with the further process.

    STEP 3

    Select the concerned person's flight ticket to cancel the booking. Click on the cancel tab or the cancel flight as mentioned.

    STEP 4

    Or, just mention the Email ID or the last name of the concerned passenger whose ticket has to be cancelled and proceed with the cancellation.

    STEP 5

    Last and the least which is one of the best options would be to directly contact the Emirates Customer care numbers if you are not travelling anytime soon and wish to get your tickets cancelled.

    So, these were some of the easy ways on how cancellations are done on Emirates. In a way, Emirates cancel flight tickets by keeping customer needs in mind.

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