Why should you create TRON tokens to raise funds?

  • Crowdfunding is a wise decision to develop your business. And IPO was the suitable method to raise funds. But as time passed, scammers found plenty of loopholes and started exposing IPOs. Investors losing hope in IPOs became a fan of flame. But later on, somewhere between 2017 and 2018, ICO started to work out its method and gained back the trust of investors. And you can also attract more investors through ICO than any other crowdfunding method. The reason is, ICO has become very popular and can be done in a hassle-free manner.

    To launch an ICO, you will have to create crypto tokens. These crypto tokens are the representation of an asset or utility. These tokens will be distributed to the investors as a share. They are fungible and can be replaced. Creating a fungible token is easy. But choosing the right blockchain network can be an uphill task. There are several blockchain networks where you can create crypto tokens. But, not all blockchain networks can be effective to your business. For instance, ERC20 is a token standard of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the most popular among altcoins. But when it comes to transaction and speed, ERC20 denies being cost-effective. But when it comes to TRON, you can create crypto tokens and transact them at high speed and comparatively low cost. And there are more convincing reasons to prove why you should create TRON tokens.

    The popularity-The popularity of TRON blockchain helps in engaging more investors towards you. The popularity attracts crypto enthusiasts who are familiar with TRON to invest in your business.
    As mentioned before the speed of TRON tokens is quite high when compared to many other token standards. The transaction speed is also low.

    To butter things up, TRON has two fungible token standards that you can use to launch ICO.


    TRC10 is a fungible token standard you can avail of through the TRON blockchain. It is the simplest token standard to develop. You can consult a TRON token development company to acquire more details.


    TRC20 is a standard you can trust blindfolded. With TRC20, you can attract more investors. As a matter of fact, TRC20 implies a smart contract. So, you can add the required functionalities in the smart contracts. But, to work out a smart contract you will require the guidance of an expert. Or, you can consult a company specialized in TRC20 token development. There are many such companies out there. But if you are interested try Zab Technologies. They are a renowned blockchain company well versed in TRC20 token development. You can contact them and list down your priorities to them.

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