Types of TRON Tokens

  • TRON tokens are utility tokens that are developed on top of the TRON blockchain. These tokens reside on the TRON blockchain and facilitate easy transactions. TRON token was the first launched in the ICO platform, but fortunately, it collected $70million.

    Most professional crypto enthusiasts prefer TRON for its high transaction speed. The transaction speed of TRON is 2000 per second. It can handle over 2 million transactions per day.

    Types of TRON Tokens
    As for fungible tokens, TRON has two token standards. TRC10 and TRC20 are the standards used for token creation and fundraising.

    What is TRC10 Token?
    TRC10 is the first developed TRON token that is fungible and does not depend on a virtual machine. It is said to be the perfect Initial coin as it mostly costs only for bandwidth.
    Developing TRC10 tokens does not require smart contracts. As a result, it becomes easy for the developers to create TRC10 tokens on the TRON blockchain.

    Features of TRC10 token

    • TRC10 is free to use and is compatible with major crypto wallets.
    • When TRC10 tokens are used for ICO projects, the listing charges are completely free.
    • A minimum of 1024 TRX is required to develop an aTRC10 token.
    • It does not accumulate with a smart contract system.

    What is TRC20?

    TRC20 token standards are an advanced version of TRC10. It is becoming a primary focus among crypto token enthusiasts. It provides all-in-one functions and the power of smart contracts. This standard helps in developing TRC20 tokens with the help of TRON Virtual Machine.
    TRC20 tokens are similar to ERC20 and consume high energy and bandwidth when compared to TRC10. But the transaction could be done smoothly in a hassle-free manner.

    Why should you develop a TRON token?

    • TRON tokens can perform instant and secure transactions.
    • It helps in raising the fund quickly in the TRON token sales platform.
    • The important point to note here is TRON tokens do not differ from Ethereum tokens.
    • TRON tokens are most widely used in the marketplace as they have high bandwidth and energy levels.

    Which one is better? TRC10 or TRC20?

    TRON platform has managed to develop two token standards that are fungible. But which among them can serve the best for your needs?

    • Both TRC10 and TRC20 are developed on the TRON Blockchain. But TRC20 requires smart contracts. This makes it more secure when compared to TRC10 which does not require smart contracts.
    • The TRC20 tokens implement extra logic that is absent in the TRC10.
    • But when speaking of the TRC10 standard, it helps the developers to create TRC10 tokens easily.

    Both the tokens serve their purposes in a specific way. You can choose your TRON token standard based on your business needs. You can also consult a TRON token development company to get more insights.

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