Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Launchpad to your crypto exchange platform

  • What is an IEO?

    The aim behind launching an ICO and IEO is usually the same. Essentially, it is to provide tokens to a large group of investors. However, there is one major difference. IEOs are launched and managed by an existing exchange instead of the organization that created the token. The exchange holds and sells the token on behalf of the project team. As the exchange platform sells tokens, token issuers pay a listing fee along with the percentage of tokens sold during the Initial Exchange Offering. In turn, tokens are presented on the platform and listed after the end of the IEO.

    What is the purpose of an IEO?

    Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) serves the purpose of an intermediary to the decentralized fundraising system. It helps startups and fundraisers to raise funds quickly without any hassle. As the investors are from the exchange, they are all verified users. There will be a crypto exchange listing guarantee for the fundraisers.

    Benefits of raising funds using IEO (For fundraisers):

    • No need to create an audience from scratch
    • Traders in the exchange are already KYC/AML verified
    • Easier to issue tokens compared to ICO and STO

    This way the startups and fundraisers can raise funds more efficiently. There is a huge demand for IEO launchpads. If you are about to start a crypto exchange or if you have a crypto exchange already, you can integrate an IEO launchpad. You can grow your audience and generate additional income from it. So how can an exchange owner integrate an IEO launchpad?

    Steps to integrate IEO Launchpad into your crypto exchange:

    • Have a resourceful team.
    • Have a standard, i.e., selecting only Most Viable Products.
    • Check for legal regulations.
    • Hire the best IEO development company.
    • Consult with the Blockchain experts.

    Integrating an IEO launchpad can be a great mark of success for your crypto exchange platform. But the crucial step would be choosing the best IEO development company. Speaking of which, Zab technologies, being an early pioneer in developing crypto projects can help you integrate an IEO launchpad to your crypto exchange.

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