How can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

  • Ways to contact with live person at Facebook
    There are many ways to get in touch with a customer care executive if you face any issue or have any queries. The following are the methods to talk to a live person at Facebook in case of are facing any issues while using the Facebook app.

    Connect with a Facebook help center

    Facebook frequently updates its help center with knowledge and keeps users' requirements. The Facebook help center is an extensive and regularly updated resource, managing Facebook accounts, general rules of using Facebook, and the privacy and security of the app.

    The help center resolves any query and issue for free, and the services are available on a 24/7 basis. You can reach out to the help center even if your account gets blocked, and you can also recover your account by mentioning the issue on the help center.

    Connect with Report a problem on Facebook support

    If you face any issue while using the platform, you can go to the customer care support section of Facebook and use the 'Report a problem' option if the issue you are facing is purely technical. The option can be found in the 'help and support' button mentioned in the top right corner of the page. But you can only use this option when you are logged in to your account with Facebook.

    Connect with the Facebook live chat

    All Facebook users are not allowed to use this feature, but only users with a business account can avail of this feature. However, there are no specific requirements for running a Facebook business support chat. Depending on the support number of available agents, the option is allocated to accounts gradually. The method is explained here because it will take the least amount of time for your issue to get resolved, and the user will get personal support as he will interact directly with the customer care executive.

    Read out the above suggestion to know Can I talk to a live person at Facebook for any technical issue or query related to your Facebook account.

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