A Complete Guide on Facebook Account Recovery

  • Facebook is one of the most trusted, used, and preferred Social Networking and Social Media platforms. It allows you to create a personal account for free and connect with different Facebook users globally. Facebook also allows you to grow, organize and promote your business effortlessly.

    If you have a Facebook account and you lost its access, and you feel the need to go through with the Facebook account recovery procedure, in that case, you’re reading the perfect material. The points listed below will help you recover your Facebook account effectively for your convenience.

    Can you recover your Facebook Account?

    Yes, you can certainly recover your Facebook account, but you’ll have to follow the official procedures to complete the recovery procedure. If you are unaware of the process, go through the steps listed below because the following will help you access your Facebook account once again.

    How to recover your Facebook Account?
    You can recover your Facebook account via the following;

    • With your internet browser's help, visit the official Facebook login page.

    • Ensure that you are using the default browser of your system.

    • Enter your Facebook username in the dedicated section box and click on the ‘Forgotten password?’ option present under the Password section box.

    • You can locate your profile via two options;

    1. Email Address
    2. Phone Number
    • Enter any information affiliated with your account and click on ‘Search.’
    • The following page will showcase a list of Facebook accounts with similar identity credentials.
    • Locate your account and click on the ‘Recovery’ option.
    • It will then send a one-time verification email to the alternative email added to your Facebook account.
    • If you did not have any alternative email, it would send a one-time applicable code on your registered mobile number.

    Via Email- If you wish to do it via your alternative email;

    • Click on the password reset link you receive on your registered email address.
    • The following page will ask you to enter a new password twice and proceed.
    • You can set a new password with a good combination and click on ‘Save Changes.’

    Via Number- If you wish to do it via your registered mobile number;

    • Enter the code you received on your mobile number on the verification page.
    • Answer the security questions set by you at the time of creating your account.
    • Set a new Facebook password and enter it twice to proceed.

    Thus, the Facebook account recovery procedure can be done with the help of the methods listed above for the user’s benefit.

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