How to Start Your Own ICO?

  • Crowdfunding has been the major source to fund a business. Your ideas will get a structure through crowdfunding. But, not all crowdfunding methods are secure. There are a few like ICO, that are safe and secure. But it is important to get more insights before starting an ICO.

    An initial coin offering (ICO) is carried out to raise funds from the investors for a Cryptocurrency project. The money raised in an ICO is used for the development of the company and works as capital for the company. Even when the ICO is completed, the fundraiser can issue tokens for business purposes also. In simple terms, an initial coin offering is a program processed by crypto startups. So they can pave the way to raise funds and benefit the investors.

    Steps to Launch Your Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    • Look for the pain points of competitors and come up with a solution.
    • Invent attractive ideas to sell your ICO tokens more effectively
    • Write a White paper to represent your ideas with all the necessary information in it.
    • Build a Proper Team
    • Take care of legal consequences
    • Establish a well-performing website
    • Invest in top-notch security
    • Hire a reliable ICO development company
    • Follow norms throughout the crowdfunding
    • Work on pre-sale and pre promotions
    • launch your ICO
    • Use social media and PR to pitch your ICO to potential investors.

    Here are the steps to launch your ICO in a secure way. If you are a startup willing to raise funds by launching an ICO, the feasible way is to hire the right ICO development company. However, there are many ICO development companies out there in the crypto markets. No worries, I have taken the burden to find out a reliable firm - Zab technologies. It is a prominent ICO Development company that offers end-to-end ICO development services.

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