Facebook isn't allowing me to create new ad accounts under my Business Manager. Am I screwed?

  • We're a franchisor running national Facebook Ads under 1 account for the last few years. In 2018, I created ~15 ad accounts under the impression we were going to start advertising at a local level. However, that was vetoed and the accounts were left empty.

    Fast-forward to 2022: we're actually about to start using Facebook Ads under franchisee ad accounts. However, every one of those original ad accounts is now "disabled" due to disuse. FB support says their policy is they can't re-enable them and I can't create new ad accounts.

    I went down a rabbit hole support where they suggested creating a separate Business Manager, but now that it's been created we can't connect it to our central Facebook/Instagram pages (only 1 Business Manager per page, I guess).

    I'm trying to get them to escalate my case to a manager. Has anyone ever been able to speak to a manager at FB support? All I need is for them to override their policy and re-enable these accounts. We're likely going to be spending $250k in 2022 alone and, if successful, that could easily double in 2023 to $500k.

  • Hello. In fact, this is a really serious problem, and many who are engaged in placing ads on Facebook, after facing this problem, simply leave this business. But don't despair, you can still Buy facebook ads Accounts as well as business managers.
    With this, you will be able to keep running massive promotional campaigns and not lose any money. Hope I helped you!

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